On January 28, I had the wonderful opportunity to share my story with a group at Elections Canada. The staff from Electoral Events had gathered to reflect on their work and prepare for the year leading up to the next federal election. In doing so, they turned to me for inspiration and motivation… As it turned out, they touched my heart and motivated ME.

This work of art from Sarah Levesque-King – which I have titled the Tree of Life – was presented to me along with messages of hope and words of encouragement for Sochi. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

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Artist and author: Sarah Levesque-King

Motivated by passion, joy and gratitude, Caroline lives life to its fullest. The tree, symbol of life, is to depict her great respect and appreciation for her life and its blessings.

When Caroline is training, she works on her core strength and maintaining balance in her form to compensate for the fact that her center of gravity is different. To express strength, beauty and balance in asymmetry, the trunk was placed to the right of the canvas with its branches flowing to one side.

Her love of winter and nature inspired the wispiness of branches and snowy theme. The swirls in the wind represent the motto of the Paralympic movement: “spirit in motion”. I warmed the blues and greys with some burnt sienna to speak to Caroline’s warm personality and serene nature.

Finally, the leaves in the tree are the support from the Electoral Events Sector in the form of personal messages from individual employees. There are themes of pride, faith, encouragement, inspiration and hope. Caroline’s spirit is a blessing. We’re proud to have such a colleague here at EC who faces her life’s challenges with such grace and courage. Good luck in Sochi, we will be watching and cheering!